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Ways I Make Extra $$$

Money is often a taboo subject. But why? The more we talk about finances, the more educated our peers will be. The one thing that does make me hesitant is the fact that I might be judged. Judged for not making enough or have too much debt. I’m slowly learning not to give a shit and I feel so much more confident about my financial situation. With that said, I will openly share my finances in hopes you will start to feel confident about talking about yours.

Degree: N/A
Field: Finance
Pay: $25/hr + overtime + benefits
Monthly Expenses: $500 (rent) + $160 (cellphone bill) + $160 (gas) + Prescription
Debt: 35k in student loans, 1k in credit cards

With my finance job, I am able to pay my bills, save 10%, and do some light traveling. I’ve come to learn that I am not satisfied. I want to boost my savings and my travel fund so I decided to figure out all the ways I can make extra income. The extra income provides more flexibility with my main income. My goal for my side job is to make enough to cover gas and everyday shenanigans (eating out, happy hour, & rounds) leaving my main source of income for bills, savings, & travel 🙂

1. Rosie’s Boudoir SF
With some research, I scoped about wholesale clothing stores throughout the country. I found that many are in Los Angeles, CA. Everyone has their own style but if you have a keen eye for fashion. This might be with you! You often have to buy products in bulk so there is some investing before you see profit. As for distribution, I relied on Instagram over Facebook and used Storenvy as my store front. The site is extremely easy to use and the funds are directed to your Paypal account. Once I signed up for a Paypal debit card, the funds were IMMEDIATELY available to me. Currently, the profits I make from Rosie’s Boudoir pays for my gas and I am beyond grateful. I am satisfied with Rosie’s Boudoir and will kicking it up a notch with WEDDING attire. Stay tuned!

2. Event Planning & Etsy
I’ve always had an interest in event planning and I definitely have a knack for it. I just didn’t think I could do it for a living until recently! Out of nowhere, I was inquired to help with a baby’s 1st birthday, a first communion/confirmation, a graduation/18th birthday, a bridal shower, and a wedding! And because of that, I was able to really tap into my creative side. Etsy and Pinterest are full of inspirations but the products can be really expensive! I found a cute fabric banner on Etsy for $35 that I could easily make myself for $10. I can easily be that person selling $35 fabric banners! After all the events I’m assisting with and all the crafting, I will then decide if I want to open an Etsy to sell home made party/wedding goods. Stay tuned!

3. DoorDash
An online boutique and event planning can be inconsistent when you first start out. I stumbled upon a DoorDash advertisement on Facebook and decided to check it out. The advertisement read “Make up to $25” an hour. It is possible and I haven’t accomplished that yet. To break it down, DoorDash allows customers to order from their favorite restaurants in Downtown San Jose, Santana Row, and Willow Glen. They are wildly successful in Palo Alto near Stanford University. There is no minimum and a flat rate delivery fee of $7. You can see why this service is so popular. On the driver side, you are paid $7 for every delivery you successfully make plus tips. Tips are an average of $3 per delivery. The goal is to make 2 deliveries an hour. That is possible if you have back to back deliveries in an area. I once received to jobs at the same time that were 5 miles apart from each other so it is definitely possible. So far, my average is $10-12 an hour. It’s barely half of what I usually make but something is better than nothing. I could sit at home for 4 hours and make $0 or work and make $50-60. Scheduling is extremely flexible and I use a little less than a quarter tank when I deliver. Gas comes out of your own pocked BUT you can keep all the receipts as tax write offs 🙂 As a delivery driver, you are an Independent Contractor. Meaning you work for yourself. So in order to work for yourself, you need $ for gas to make money. BAM. Business expense. I would also keep any car maintenance receipts and see what my accountant can do with it.

For all those who are interested and want to apply, please email and say Lisa Nguyen of San Jose referred you 🙂

Those are currently the ways I’m making extra cash. What are yours? Sound off below in the comment box!



After 6 years in Operations, I will be quitting my full time corporate job to pursue a career in web development! Here is my journey through school and the ever so fun, job search. -San Francisco Bay Area -Web Dev Student @ Dev Bootcamp -Winner of Facebook's F8 Scholarship Summer 2016

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