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How I Survived Coachella 2014

Coachella 2014
Coachella 2014

COACHELLA 2014. It will definitely go down in history as one of the best years ever! The line up was amazing and the surprise guest performances blew my mind! It was my first time going and I can’t wait to go again next year! Don’t know what to expect? Here is the breakdown on Coachella through fresh virgin eyes.

Tickets go on sale around May BEFORE the line up is released. My friends and I took a chance and bought 3 day passes anyways. There were no single day passes this year and I don’t expect that to change. Tickets sold out VERY QUICKLY so act fast!! If I remembered correctly, round 2 sold out in 15 minutes! I bought my weekend pass for $350. By the week of the event, people were purchasing wristbands for $500-600!! Don’t be one of those people!

In theory, you cannot buy a weekend pass and sell it as single day. The pass came in a form of a wristband with a chip that you scan it and out at the entrance every day. However, employees did not check out tight the wristbands were on our wrists. I believe I could have gotten away with leaving the wristbands a loose enough to remove and sell. (Just an opinion 🙂 ) The wristband is registered under your name so that could be a problem. A friend of mine had trouble getting in because of a bad scanner. She had to try three different scanners until she got the green light. If that didn’t work, I believe they would have checked her ID to match the registration profile and serial number of the wrist band.

Coachella 2014 Wristband
Coachella 2014 Wristband
2014-04-15 12.02.14
Coachella 2014 Wristband

Shuttle passes ($60) are highly recommended because parking at the event is limited and it’s madness! Also, no one has to be DD (designated driver)!! We took the shuttle at a stop near our hotel the 1st day. It was a 40 minute ride BUT perfect time for pre-gaming and applying sunblock. The shuttle lines can get long so we brought along water and snacks for the ride. We finished everything by the time we got to the entrance. There are plenty of trash cans (and bathrooms) along the way from the shuttle and the entrance (10 minute walk) so don’t feel like you have to throw anything away until the VERY LAST SECOND. On the 2nd and 3rd day, we drove to the Indian Wells parking lot (free) and took the shuttle (20 min ride). We just had to pregame a little faster lol.

Accommodation should be booked quickly after tickets! They sell out quick and rates skyrocket as the date nears! Condos are a great option for big groups. Many include a pool which is nice way to beat the day heat. I had a small group of 4 people. We stayed in a quaint villa style hotel, Tuscany Manor, 40 minutes from the site and 2 blocks from our shuttle. I really liked our place and would stay there again. It was a 1 bedroom suite with a queen bed, a queen pull out sofa bed, 1 bathroom, a fully stocked kitchen, dining table, living room, pool, free wifi, and free parking ($400-500 for 4 nights). We saved a lot of money cooking breakfast everyday! The kitchen is also great for late night snacking 🙂

Recommend groceries: WATER, coconut juice, eggs, sausages, toast, yogurt, milk, orange juice, fruit, & snacks.

Tuscany Manor, Pal Springs
queen master bedroom
Tuscany Manor, Pal Springs
full sized closet
Tuscany Manor, Pal Springs
fully stocked kitchen
Tuscany Manor, Pal Springs
living room w/ queen pull out sofa

Pool parties are available to beat the heat during the day. The LED Day Club at the Hard Rock Hotel included Dirty South, A-Trak, Disclosure, & David Guetta for Weekend 1. And for Weekend 2, the guests are Skrillex, Marin Garrix, Tiesto, and Showtek. Tickets are sold in advance starting at $40 so buy them quickly! To be real, our group was too hungover/exhausted to do ANYTHING except relax during the day so we skipped on these events.

Security seemed like it was going to be strict but I got away with a LOT of stuff 🙂 Security did not frisk me but did check my bag. However, they did not go through all the compartments. They just do a general overview. The security did however check my sunblock bottle for alcohol. So that risk is yours to take! The booklet included with your wristband clearly outlines what you can and can’t bring into the grounds. Camel packs were listed on the restricted list but my friend still was able to bring hers in. It just had to be empty. No outside food was allowed but I still sneaked in fruits & snacks. My theory is to hide what you can in your backpack and hope for the best. Some people also brought in empty water bottles to use at the water refill stations (free). I kicked it up a notch and brought in a frozen water bottle. My tactic was to flirt my way out of it. And also point out that alcohol can’t freeze so obviously the clear liquid is water!

the essentials
the essentials

Along with the obvious (ID, money, chapstick, etc), I recommend to pack allergy medicine, energy powder (to add to water), eye drops, hand sanitizer, travel baby wipes, toilet paper (YES, THEY RUN OUT), phone charger (free charging stations), bandana (sand storms), and a light sweater (high winds). There are people who pick pocket but I had a small combo lock on my backpack. I brought a beach towel to sit on the first day. It was nice to have but heavy to carry! We just sat in the grass for the rest of the weekend. Who the hell cares! ALSO, bring 2 pairs of sunglasses. By the end of the weekend, I lost both.

The weather is another factor you have to fight during the event. It reached 100 degrees Friday and two of my friends started to feel light headed and had blurred visions. It is highly important to stay hydrated!! I drank 1-3 water bottles every morning before leaving the hotel (not all at once) and took multivitamins just to get a leg up on the heat and drinking. A hat, cool and comfy outfit, and sunblock goes a long way! Saturday night produced high winds and a sand storm! It was super chilly and everytime I moved my mouth, I was literally chewing sand. My eyes were extremely irritated as well. The boys in our group were so prepared! Sure they may look silly, but those goggles and scarves were life savers! Be sure to pack a light sweater to beat the late night chills!


Fashion at Coachella is an animal of it’s own. I saw people with nothing but pasties on their nipples and people in full animal suits. Nothing is written off at Coachella! On the other hand, my friends and I decided to go for comfy chic. Cotton and chiffon are breathable and comfortable fabrics. I also used one of my bikini tops as a crop top. Dresses and skirts are recommended to keep cool and easy to adjust when using the bathroom! I saw a lot of girls wearing body suits and high-waisted shorts. Super cute but it must have been annoying to go to the bathroom! In a portable potty out of all things! That is just an accident waiting to happen! Also be sure to wear comfy shoes! I tried to be cute the 1st day and wore my friend’s boots. They weren’t broken into my shape so I ended up getting sore feet and blisters! I wore my running shoes the rest of the weekend and it was amazing! I reached dance level 100 that weekend lol.

I am literally wearing pajama shorts :)
I am literally wearing pajama shorts 🙂

Jean jacket – Savers Thrift Store ($5-7)

Coral PJ shorts – Banana Republic ($5)

far right
far right

Mint lace top – Walmart ($6)

Floral shorts – Target ($15)

the chiffon skirt was comfy and kept me cool!
the chiffon skirt was comfy and kept me cool!

Fringe Top – Rosie’s Boudoir SF ($27 a bikini set)

Yellow chiffon skirt – Rosie’s Boudoir SF ($12.99)

[[Use code “1010” for 10% off all products and shipping is always free!]]

Food & drinks are available for purchase at Coachella. Water bottles are $2 and you can recycle 10 empty bottles for a free water bottle! I recycled 120 bottles all together 🙂 It’s fun to recycle and even more fun to get free stuff! There is a large variety of on food. I spent $10 a dish on pad thai and bacon nacho seasoned fries. Just a hint of what to expect 🙂 Beer is purchased and consumed in the beer gardens. Wristbands change colors every day and are put on for you by employees. No luck passing off wrist bands here :/

The musical performances were off the hook (do people still use this phrase?) this year! I was fortunate to enjoy:

*outstanding performances

Friday: Aloe Blacc*, Bastille (Guest: Angel Haze), Ellie Goulding*, Chromeo*, Zedd*, Outkast (Guest: Janelle Monae). I heard Nas set but missed Jay Z and Diddy as surprised guests! I also missed E-40 and Too Short during Girl Talk and ASAP Rocky during ASAP ferg!

Saturday: Julian Casablancas, Kid Cudi, Capital Cities, Lorde, Sleigh Bells, Pharrell Williams (Guest: Snoop Dog, Tyler the Creator, Busta, Diplo, Gwen Stefani, Nelly), Muse. So sad I missed Beyonce during Solange’s set!!

Sunday: Chance the Rapper (Guest: Justin Beiber), Krewella*, Calvin Harris*, Lana, Adventure Club* (Guest: Diplo & Krewella), Disclosure (Guest: Mary J. Blidge), Duck Sauce. Wish I got to see Drake as a surprise guest during Jhene Aiko’s set!

In summary, I had AN AMAZING time and am hoping to go again next year! Tickets are predicted to available May 2014 for the April 2015 show! Get those tickets asap and get ready to dance your heart out!





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